What is The Creativity Photo Project?

The Creativity Photo Project is a International Cooperation Project: Web & Participatory and Creative Photography Workshops, Combating Social Exclusion, from Clara Garcia Ortés (Clara G.O). Now with the Non-Profit be artsy
Till now has been running in India, Thailand, Myanmar and Nepal . Always volunteering in Schools, Orphanages and Rural Communities. Next will be Argentina, Chile and Nepal with The Chhaupadi/Cup Project.
If you don’t know what Chhaupadi is, you can take a look here:



My name is Clara Garcia. I’m a Web developer and photographer from Barcelona and when I’m traveling i’m going with a few digital photo cameras to host workshops about creative photography.

As the Participants learn about photography, they develop their creative imagination through related games and playful activities where they learn about concepts such as depth, perspective, and many other basic photography principles

I’ve taught a few workshops with people all ages and everyone loved the sessions.
The workshops are very fun and should be interesting for people of all ages.


See, Shoot, and Shout Out

Is a participative photography workshop, but thinking in been a women in (the country name).
Is a provocative name for the workshop. The idea is to see, photograph (with or without camera) and report problems.

‘See, shoot, and shout out’ is a project that seeks to promote the expression and creativity of the participants.
Allowing capture our reality, our thoughts and expressing the daily challenges and everyday situations which we live.
We can explain how some normal, everyday activities present challenges.
Transmitting positive values and producing messages to sensitize the society around us.

We can speak through photography, for example,  about:

Climate Change.
Women education.
Women equality.
Child marriage.
Harassment and gender discrimination.
Menstrual education
Hygienic education
Minimize the Use of Plastics.
Sanitation. (Drinking water)
Sanitation (The importance of cleaning hands)
Protection Environment.
Waste segregation and impacts of waste burning.


The bubble project & The decisive moment.

Henry Cartier-Bresson travelled around the world through countries and continents, always in search of the right moment. The moment in question is the decisive moment at which the elements in motion come together and are in complete balance, thus reflecting the every day and revealing something of the nature of life.

To teach this important concept in photography We play The bubble project.

Do you ever wonder what people are thinking about when you pass them on the street?
We will make a bunch of thought bubbles out of paper and we will hang them around the town /school…
We will wait for people to walk by the bubbles and when they do, we will take pictures.
Then we will print the Photos and paint, write, or cut some images from some newspaper and paste it on our pictures.

Plastics & Cartoons

We will draw cartoon characters on a transparency film and then we will places them over real things to take some photographs.

With this workshop They develop their creative imagination and they learn about concepts such as depth, perspective, and many other basic photography principles.


We prepare a history with 10 photography. At the end we have a nice video with photos and the voice from the Kids explaining it:


Help to finance the project!

At the moment you can:

– You can go to exhibitions to buy photographs or go to charity workshops to help to collect money for the project. More info: https://www.facebook.com/missatgerebut/events
– You can buy at the online store: http://shop.creativityphotoproject.com/
– You can volunteer to work online as a translator or helping on the web (wordpress): https://goo.gl/forms/SGFFrURuAeo6Dg5D3
– You can help the chhaupadi project with donating with Paypal to buy menstrual cups and sanitary materials for Nepal: https://www.paypal.me/ClaraGo

Do you want more info? Contact me, please:

Thank You!!

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