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See, Shoot, and Shout Out amb les dones de la comunitat Tharu a Bhimdatta

English, Castellano, Català. With the women of the alphabetization group from the Tharu community in Mahendranagar (Bhimdatta), we made the same way …

See, Shoot, and Shout Out – Seti Mahakali Nursing Campus

English, Castellano, Català. In Mahendranagar, with nursing students I did an adaptation of the course we did for deaf children with Carlos …

Mahendranagar (Bhimdatta) Far-Western Nepal

English, Castellano, Català. I’m in Mahendranagar (Bhimdatta) Far-Western Nepal On 1 Baisakh 2073, the first day of the new Nepali year, (On Wednesday, …

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