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See shoot and Shout Out

See, shoot, and shout out in “Escuela secundaria 24” – Isla Maciel

English, Castellano i Català.  (Fotos  – Photos ↓)   This was a real challenge for me. These were teenagers, in a territory …

See, Shoot, and Shout Out amb les dones de la comunitat Tharu a Bhimdatta

English, Castellano, Català. With the women of the alphabetization group from the Tharu community in Mahendranagar (Bhimdatta), we made the same way …

See, Shoot, and Shout Out – Seti Mahakali Nursing Campus

English, Castellano, Català. In Mahendranagar, with nursing students I did an adaptation of the course we did for deaf children with Carlos …

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